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Importing, Saving, and Exporting Graph Data
Accessing a Shared Data View

You can access a GraphXR data view shared by another user, or share a data view you create. A view includes the data and its layout in the graph space.

  • A project includes a menu of saved views which you can display by clicking the GoToShare icon.

  • After you are invited to share a project, it will appear on your Projects page in the Shared Projects area. You can then use the GoToShare icon to display a menu of the saved views for that project.

A project's sharing configuration determines whether you can navigate or edit the view. For information about setting the sharing configuration, see Saving and Sharing Data Views.

To access a shared view:

  1. In the Projects (Home) page, locate the project in the Shared Projects area.

  2. Click the project's Share icon to display a menu of the views saved in that project.

  3. Click to select a view.
    You are admitted to the project space with that view loaded.