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Working with Layouts
Using Parametric Layouts

A Parametric layout enables you to create scatter plots by displaying any numerical property value encoded in your data on X-, Y-, or Z- axes.

You can:

  • Select a numerical property to be displayed on the X-, Y-, and Z- axes.

  • Set an Advanced Range (minimum and maximum) of values to be displayed.

  • Adjust the scale of the axes using the Axis slider.

  • Choose to show or hide the Axes and/or the Grid.

  • Click the Enable Force Layout icon to additionally display in a force-directed layout the connected nodes that don't have the selected properties. The default is to collapse these nodes at the origin, because displaying them usually obscures the parametric scatter plot.

  • Apply the layout, or Reset the graph to the layout you started with.

Your parametric layout is saved in the lower part of the panel, and you can:

  • Click Apply to re-apply any of the saved parametric layouts.

  • Click Delete to delete a saved parametric layout.

To create a parametric layout:

  1. Click to open the Layout panel and choose the Parametric tab.

  2. Choose a property for the X-, Y-, and Z-axes from the drop down menus.
    NOTE: You can flatten the layout to a 2D projection by choosing none as the Z-axis.

  3. Optionally, click the Advanced Range checkbox to set a range of property values to display.

  4. Use the Axis slider to adjust the size of the scatterplot space.

  5. Click the Show Axes checkbox to show labeled X-, Y-, and Z- axes. Click the Show Grid checkbox to add gridlines.

  6. Click Apply to apply the parametric layout.

Parametric layouts are deleted once you log out of the project. However, saved layouts do persist in a Snapshot archive or data View.

Once you are done designing your scatter plots, you can save a Snapshot or data View, and then Reset the data to the layout you started with.

For example, if you started with geospatial data pinned to a map, but crafted another view of it in a parametric layout, clicking Reset returns you to the map layout.