User Guides
Navigating and Selecting Graph Data
Shortcut Keys Reference

For use on the desktop, keyboard and mouse shortcuts are provided for navigation controls, most items in the context menu, and a few other controls. To access a reference panel of shortcuts in your GraphXR project space, click the Shortcut icon located at the lower left of the browser window.

Desktop Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut KeysDescriptionFunction
PanLeft mouse click drag or
1+Left mouse click drag
Pan right, left, up or down.Navigation
Zoommouse scroll or
2+left mouse click drag
Drag up to zoom in, down to zoom outNavigation
Fast zoomCtrl+mouse scrollScroll up for fast zoom in and down for zoom out.Navigation
Rotate (Manual)Right mouse click drag or
3+Left mouse click drag
Rotate right, left, up or down, centered on a selection, or the center of all nodes.Navigation
Rotate (Automatic)Ctrl+OToggle to rotate all data continuously around a selected center, or stop rotating.Navigation
Stepwise MoveArrow key click (right, left, up, or down)Move all the data a step right, left, up, or down.Navigation
Reset viewAlt+Shift+RReset entire view to the center of the graph. NOTE: Click the Fly Out icon to center all the graph data on the screen, and the Center To icon to center the view on selected nodes.Navigation
Show infoCtrl+I

left mouse double click
Displays the information window for a selected node.Information
Hide menuEscHides a panel (i.e. Project, Table, etc.) or information window.Information
Full ScreenCtrl+FEnter full screen mode. Press Esc to exit full screen.Navigation
Select all nodesCtrl+ASelect all visible nodes.Selection
Deselect all nodesAlt+A (Option+A) or
Double click empty space
Deselect all visible nodes.Selection
Select a node or nodesLeft mouse click or
Shift+Left mouse click drag
Select one or more nodes.Selection
Center on a nodec+Left mouse double clickSelects and centers the view on a single node.Selection & Navigation
Add a node or nodes to a selectionCtrl+Left mouse click or
Ctrl+Left mouse click drag
Add one or more nodes to a selection.Selection
Subtract a node or nodesAlt+Left mouse click or
Alt+Left mouse click drag
Remove one or more nodes from a selection.Selection
Drag selectionLeft mouse click dragDrag (and pin) selected nodes and edges to a different position in the graph space.Selection
Invert selectionI or Shift+IToggle to select nodes not currently selected.Selection
ExpandCtrl+XDisplay a dialog to pull nodes connected to the selected nodes based on relationships from the project's Neo4j database.Selection & Import
Leaf TrimmingCtrl+LCollapse nodes with only one connection to a single node. Enter the shortcut key again to restore trimmed nodes.Selection & Editing
Pin or ReleaseCtrl+PToggle to pin, or release pinning of selected nodes.Selection
Delete selectiondel or backspaceDeletes selected nodes and edges.Selection & Editing
Clear graphCtrl + Shift + CRemove all data from the graph space.Selection & Editing
UndoCtrl+ZImmediately undo a Delete or Clear action.Editing